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Service Frequency

Measure the "Say vs. Do" ratio and validate your services. Show your Retailers/Customers you are the best Vendor. Know exactly how frequently your sales person/merchandisers/drivers or management visit your Retailers/Customers. Simple and powerful filters allows you to manage unlimited Retailers.

Rating (View Rating)

Distributors can see which Retailer/Manager is not satisfied with your service. Service Calibrate gives you direct visibility to your customers feedback directly so you can reward or coach your employees and improve service before you lose that customer/account forever.

View/Add Promotion

Your goal is to sell more products and Retailers wants to purchase more products. The challenge is majority of your deals/promotions are inadequately communicated to Retailers & sometimes not communicated at all. Now you can add any promotion on our platform, pick a specific retailer/city/state and then let your target customers view that promotions instantly.

Service As Schedule

Easy monthly calendar view shows when you were scheduled to recieve service vs. actual service day. View missed service calls by week by Retailer.

Rapid Fire Visit

Have you noticed your employee simply "stopping by" a Retailer and leaving right away without adequately servicing? Service Calibrate identifies which employee and location visits were under duration vs. required minimum - as per your agreement with Retailers.


Need to talk to your customer immediately? Want to message all, some, or just one of your Retailer without storing their contact information on your personal phone? Service Calibrate keeps all this capability in just one place. Now you can send & receive messages to/from your Retailer with the touch of a button.


Some sales calls waste time beacause many employees don't know the decision maker at a given location. Service Calibrate saves time by identifying the decision maker for you. Tired of keeping track of so many Retailers & their contact information? Now you can have all their contacts at your finger tips.

Signature Confirmation

You now have the option to require signatures from Retailers as a proof of service/delivery. Every time your employee visits a your Customers/Retailers, this feature will record and validate your time, date, duration of visit.

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