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Service Frequency

Measure the "Say vs. Do" ratio and know exactly how often & how much time your Vendors/Distributors/Manufacturers or your Employees spend at any of your locations. Simple and powerful filters allows you to manage unlimited Vendors/Employees.

Rating (Option To Stay Anonymous)

Have your complaints/feedback fallen on deaf ears? Are your managers tired of a certain Vendors but don't have any quantifiable data to prove their poor performance? Service Calibrate gives you detail, a photo & map views of all the ratings given by your Employees/Managers to a particular Vendor (thumbs up or thumbs down). Now you can communicate & escalate feedback to the management (Vendor) when you receive substandard/poor service. It also allow for anonymous feedback.

View Promotions

"This deal/promotion is no longer available" ever heard that before? We can help ensure you have all the latest promos are right at your fingertips! You want to buy deals so your customers gets the best price. Service Calibrate provides you direct access to all the promotions as soon as Vendor uploads on Service Calibrate platform.

Service As Schedule

Easy monthly calendar view shows when you are scheduled to receive service vs. actual service day. Monitor missed service calls by week or see if your locations are serviced on expected time/day.

Rapid Fire Visit

Have you noticed your Vendor representative simply "stop by" your location and then leave right away? Service Calibrate identifies exactly which Vendor visits were under duration vs. required minimum as per your service frequency agreements/expectations.


Need service immediately? Want to message all, some, or just one of your Vendors without storing their contact information on your personal phone? Service Calibrate saves all your Vendor contact list automatically at one place. Now you can send & receive messages to/from your Vendors with the touch of a button.


Tired of keeping track of Vendors & their contact information? Has your sales person switched jobs? Now you can have all the contacts at your finger tips for all your Vendors.

Compare Service

Have you ever experienced "over commit & under deliver" from Vendors? Make more informed decisions based on facts provided by Service Calibrate. Need to justify your purchases for an internal compliance department? No problem, you can compare service for up to 5 Vendors and see who provides the best service. Stop negotiating on price alone and gain the upper hand in negotiations with suppliers large and small based on their performance.

Signature Confirmation

You can mandate Vendors/Distributors/Manufacturers employees to sign in electronically! This validates their visit at your location.

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